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My Dad Merrill's Slides and Pictures Anywhere from 1950's thru 2000

I mentioned previously in another of the Photo Galleries abou Mom and Dad's two best friend couples that they knew throughout their
adult lives:  Gus and Sis Heller, whom Dad had met when he worked at Interstate Floor Covering in Philadelphia, PA
and Bill and Ruth Guyette, who they became VERY close friends with after moving to the Back Mountain area (Shavertown and Dallas)
in the 1950's.

I have a mixture of photos from this period that I ALWAYS wanted to get included on my website.  I was VERY fond of all of them as
they were always great fun to be around, and they cared about me just as genuinely as my Mom and Dad did.

This is one of the more special groups of photos that I have of all of them!

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