Smiles Under Contruction 2


Back in the days when I was a working Bass player in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, I had the good fortune to meet the Reinhardt family. Ron Sr. (saxophone), Ron Jr. (keyboards), David (drums) and I would get together at their house and just have fun playing music together.

A handful of tunes came out of those get-togethers. While I went on to a career in computers, Ron and Dave and their Dad all became and still are professional musicians. I have never forgotten the great times we had putting these tunes together.

I have to admit, while I always thought I was a pretty good player, I knew I was a lousy musician. I didn't want to put in the work to learn to sight-read and learn music theory which are fundamental building blocks. Once I was able to admit that to myself, I knew just being a player would not be good enough. I still like to practice, and I have improved my foundation skills somewhat over the years. Music has and always will be a driving force in my life. I put myself through college working nights as a musician. Those are some of the best times I have ever had in my life. The people I met and got to work with were a blast. I am a lucky fellow for sure.

No other bassist inspired me like Jaco Pastorius. He truly was one of the most gifted musicians this planet has ever known. To have never been able to see him in a live performance before his tragic death, still pains me to this day. One of the most beautiful songs he ever wrote is called: "Portrait Of Tracy" and showcases just how much music can be wrought out of a solo performance on the electric bass. Of all the things I learned to play on electric bass, I am very proud to say that I can still make a decent showing of playing Jaco's signature song.

"Portrait of Tracy" - Written by Jaco Pastorius and performed by Garry Faegenburg


I also recorded Jaco's "Amerika".


And now I present to you, the only recordings that were ever made of these few songs that Ron Reinhardt Jr. and I wrote. The band consisted of:


Bass Player

Garry Faegenburg - Electric Bass (also Electric Guitar on "Allegro Moderato" and keyboards on "Intro - Summer in Peking")


Keyboard Player

Ron Reinhardt - Keyboards


Dave Reinhardt - Drums

Sax Player

Ron Reinhardt Sr. - Saxophone

1). Garry's Tune - (Original Soundtrack)


2). Ron's Tune (1)


3). Allegro Moderato


4). I Guess I Should Have Known


5). Ron's Tune (2)


6). Intro - Summer In Peking


7). Summer In Peking

8). Garry's Tune - (Director's Cut)