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My Dad Merrill's Slides and Pictures Anywhere from 1955 thru 1962

There is a bitter point I have in mind for this set of slides that Dad took.

You see, my adopted brother Don, has ALWAYS blamed his so called rotten life because of our Adoptive parents, Merrill and Rosemary.
He seems to think that they were so hard on us that they caused all of his psycological troubles in his later years as a teenager and
young man.

So I want to first tell you about how that anger manifested itself when I informed him over the telephone that Dad had died in December 2013.
His exact words to me were:  "That's a GREAT weight lifted from my shoulders"!

Let it be known to ALL, should I ever come face to face with my brother agan in my life (which I promise to NEVER do), I will deck him and
knock him out cold before he even knows what hit him!

I offer these pictures as proof of the kind of childhood we both had with my dear old Mom and Dad!  The ONLY time we were ever in trouble
with our parents, was when we pulled some kind of bullshit which we were well aware that we were not supposed to be doing in the first place!

Yes Dad was a strict disciplinarian because he was a former Naval Aviator!  He learned to live by rules that when broken did NOT go unpunished.

I want you to examine these photos and tell me where all that unhappiness is???

And so as you can no doubt see from all those pictures covering the first nine years of my brothers life and the first three of mine,
that Mom and Dad must have been beating us severely to be smiling so much!
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