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August 2014

New pictures in the Photo Album.  I have all of my Dad's photo's he has taken and I am starting the process of
turning them into Digital Media.

Here is a photo of the whole Faegenburg household when we all lived in Florida (I left in 1984):

As you can see, once I quit the music business, I had more money for food (that can't be my stomach
sticking out, can it?).

I have completed the next installment of "Special Features".  Two new tunes from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver's
new album entitled:  "Convergence".  I have recorded the play along tracks for Apocalypso and Carousel.  I was 
truly sweating bullets trying to get a reasonable take for these two new tunes, cause I don't overdub. 
(One take,  live is how it goes down!).  What awesome tunes these guys write!  Thanks Dave and Jay!

Please check out the Book Reviews page too!


As always, please remember:

The next time you meet or talk to a veteran, please remember to thank them for their service and sacrifice. 



How To Reach Me:

e-mail:  gfaegenburg@att.net

Cell Phone:  (630) 222-8131

Skype:  gfaegenburg  or dial:  (224) 677-3069 via phone to reach my Skype enabled PC's.

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