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Decembere 14th, 2013

It is with GREAT sadness that I announce here the passing of my Dad Merrill.  It is nearly impossible to describe losing the only
REAL hero in my life.

While the hurt will always be there, I choose rather to celebrate my Dad's life.  He was a World-War II Navy Pilot.  A flight Instructor. 
The best of the best (no disrespect meant to any veteran, pilot or no pilot).  His generation saved our world to enable our freedoms.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Dad from many years ago:

It will be a while before I am able to retrieve some very important pictures of both of my parents:  Merrill and Rosemary,
but I plan on a wonderful series of pictures that celebrate both of their lives. 

I wanted to share a photo of the Sympathy bouquet of flowers sent from my friends at Topco, where I work.  What an
unbelievably fitting tribute to this man:

Thank you Topco, for remembering my family at this time and for honoring the memory of my father. 

The next time you meet or talk to a veteran, please remember to thank them for their service and sacrifice. 



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