The Original Music of Garry Faegenburg



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I am reminded of a very famous line by Clint Eastwood in one of the Dirty Harry movies
(I believe it is in "Magnum Force" just as he is about to blow Hal Holbrook to smithereens)
where he utters:  "A man has got to know his limitations."

What does that have to do with "The Original Music of Garry Faegenburg"?

Well, for me, quite possibly the hardest decision I have EVER made was to not pursue my dream
of spending my life as a working Electric Bassist.  Even though I did work for about 5 years
(if you could call it work!).

First off, I was NOT a real musician.  I couldn't sight read.  Second, I didn't know music theory
and how to draw upon it for soloing which is so important in Jazz music.  Each time I listen back on
this handful of tunes that I wrote back in the late 1970's, it is quite evident to me that they simply
can't compete in the Fusion Jazz arena.  When you have artists like Chick Corea, Dave Weckl,
Jaco Pastorius, etc., that is a pretty tough crowd to go up against even if you are a complete musician.

So having to make the decision to become an ordinary man of the corporate business workforce was a
huge heartbreak.  I still feel today if I had applied myself to music in the same way that I have applied
myself throughout my career in computers, well who knows what might have happened.

But even with all of that going on in my head, it does NOT make me any less proud of these few tunes that
Ron Reinhardt, his brother Dave and their dad Ron Sr. and I put together back in those days in 1978. 
Ron has gone on to be a very successful keyboardist in the Smooth Jazz arena and is a REAL musician
who I am proud to call a friend of mine.  He has recorded much music with Richard Elliot

Look up some of the names on Richard's albums, like "City Speak". 
You will see on that one:  ALL songs written by Richard Elliot, Ron Reinhardt and Dave Reinhardt. 
And I had the ultimate honor of playing music with both Ron and Dave.  I mean how AWESOME
is that????

And so I present to you, the ONLY recordings of these songs that were ever done.  The band consisted of:

  Garry Faegenburg - Electric Bass & Guitar (Allegro Moderato)
                                        & Keyboards (Intro:  Summer in Peking)


   Ron Reinhardt - Keyboards


   Dave Reinhardt - Drums


   Ron Reinhardt Sr. - Saxophone


  1. Untitled- Simply known as: "Garry's Tune"
  2. Untitled - Simply known as: "Ron's Tune (1)"
  3. Allegro Moderato
  4. I Guess I Should Have Known
  5. Untitled - Simply known as:  "Ron's Tune (2)"
  6. Intro - Summer In Peking
  7. Summer In Peking
  8. Untitled - Simply known as:  "Garry's Tune - Director's Cut"
  9. Portrait of Tracy (written by Jaco Pastorius)
  10. Amerika (written by Jaco Pastorius)



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