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Rosemary Faegenburg's Famous Steamed Meatloaf


3 lbs Ground Beef (80 % is best)
1 large White Onion
2 large eggs   
Garlic Salt
1 lb Loaf of Pepperidge Farms Original Sliced Bread   
1/4 cup White Flour


In a large bowl, put the 3 lbs of ground Beef in and season with Garlic Salt, Salt and Pepper.  How much Garlic Salt you use is up to you.  We like a lot, but don't over do it!  The regular Salt and Pepper is just for taste.  Easy does it on the Pepper (Fresh Ground Pepper is best, but you can use the regular stuff if you want to).

Cut your Onion into slices and then dice.  Don't dice it too small.  Larger sections taste best when all is said and done.  Add the Onion to your mixing bowl.  Now add your two eggs.

For the bread, slice the crust off the whole loaf all the way around (use a good serrated blade and you can accomplish this very quickly).  Then cube the bread into half inch squares and add to the mixing bowl.

Now for the fun part:  Use your hands and blend all the ingredients together.   Make sure you get an even distribution of all ingredients.  After you get everything mixed up good, form a loaf.  You don't want the loaf too high because you are going to place it into a deep skillet and you want to make sure the lid will stay on properly.  Once you have the loaf formed, pat it all over with the flour.  Apply liberally to cover the entire loaf.

Cooking Directions

Step 1 is to brown the loaf in a skillet on the stove.  Use a Teflon coated skillet so it doesn't stick.  Cook over a medium heat.  Brown on all sides.  You will need two good strong spatulas to maneuver the loaf and to turn it over (and also to stand it up so that you can brown the four sides as well).  This should not take more than a few minutes (Keep a close eye on the heat and don't burn it!)

Step 2 is to place the browned loaf on a rack in a deep skillet.   Finding a good rack will be the biggest challenge.  I have a great Aluminum rack that Mom gave me that gets the Meatloaf up about 3/8 of an inch above the bottom of the skillet.  Before I had this I used to use a round wire rack that I found at Waccamaw Pottery.  The rack was included with a deep pot.  It was not quite as high as Mom's trusty Aluminum rack, but it got the job done.  Once on the rack, you will want to add water up to the bottom of the Meatloaf.  Now put the cover on the skillet and bring the water to a slow boil.  Medium heat just to keep the water rolling moderately.  Check the water level every 20 minutes or so.  Make sure you keep adequate water in the skillet to keep the steam going.

Cooking time for a 3 lb Meatloaf is about an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on the amount of heat you use (you can use just a tad bit more heat when in a hurry, but be sure to keep a close eye on the water level to prevent a burn!).
To test if it is done, poke a dinner fork into the top of the Meatloaf, take the fork out and press on the top of the loaf where you poked the fork.  Some juice should run out and it will be clear when it is ready to serve.

Serving suggestions and tips from Mom

Once you get the Meatloaf out of the skillet and onto a large plate, use an electric carving knife (if you have one) to slice it.  Make the slices about 3/8 of an inch thick.  No electric carving knife?  That's ok, but make sure you use a real sharp blade so the loaf doesn't fall apart as you slice it.

Our favorite is to serve with Mashed Potatoes and steamed carrots (I like some Ketchup for dipping too!).

Now, Mom served her meatloaf a different way.  First of all, she only made about a 1 1/2 pound Meatloaf (use half the ingredients listed).  This left enough room in the skillet for some peeled small potatoes and fresh peeled carrots.  The only reason I don't make it that way is because I love having lot's of leftovers for cold Meatlof sandwiches (Dad used to get real annoyed with me because I always wound up eating the last piece of leftover Meatloaf before he had a chance to have it for lunch on Saturday afternoon!).

Hope you enjoy!