Smiles Under Contruction 2

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Ok, I am not sure this even qualifies as a RECIPE, but anyway, I say I did this first!

Shrimp a la Garry

2  lbs. cooked large Tail-On Shrimp
2  Fresh Jalapeno Peppers (BIG ones!)
1  Fresh Habanero Pepper (you can choose how big)
1  Bottle Heinz Cocktail Sauce



Slice the Jalapenos, do not dice, do not take out the seeds!
Dice the Habanero.
Empty the Heinz Cocktail Sauce in a bowl.
Stir in the Jalapeno's and the Habanero.
Grab a shrimp and scoop the Fire Sauce with it. Be sure to get at least one slice of Jalapeno on top of the shrimp before you eat it!

(serves at least one and entertains everyone else in the room who watches the sweat pour off your head after two!)

Anyone surviving this appetizer has earned a bottle of Blue Moon Belgian White beer!