Smiles Under Contruction 2

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Burrito on FIRE

1/2 lb. Butterball Cajun Turkey Breast (sliced thin)
1/4 lb. Dietz & Watson NY State Hot Pepper Cheddar with Buffalo Wing Sauce (sliced thin)
4  Fresh Jalapeno Peppers (BIG ones!, sliced NOT too thin)
4  dozen Thai Chili Peppers (trim off the tips and the ends just to get the stem off)
1  Fresh Cucumber sliced thin
1  Fresh large Tomato sliced thin
1  Bottle Old El Paso Taco Sauce (Hot style)
1 Package of large Tortillas (10" size)
(optional) sour cream
(required - LOTS of ice cold beer on hand!) 


  1. Lay a single tortilla on a plate.
  2. Arrange 4 slices of the Cajun Turkey Breast, centered in the tortilla.
  3. Take a slice of the Cheese and fold or cut it into 4 strips. Make two rows in the center of the Tortilla on top of the meat.
  4. Now lay some sliced Tomato on top of the cheese. Try to arrange so it is a single layer.
  5. Next, arrage slices of Cucumber in a single layer on top of the Tomato.
  6. Arrange two rows of sliced Jalapeno Peppers centered on top of the Cucumber.
  7. Now take a dozen of the Thai Chili Peppers and arrange 6 on each side of the layers of meat/cheese and veggies.
  8. Drizzle on some Old El Paso Taco Sauce (As much as you dare!).
  9. Optionally, you can add some sour cream on top too, but I like it without cause the burn is way hotter!
  10. Fold it up and you are off to the races.

This should be enough for about 4 Burritos. Real men can eat two, and a Top Gun can eat one with only a sip of beer in between bites.