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A lot has happenned since my last update in May of 2017. I had one more MAJOR surgery on my neck follwed by a 2nd minor surgery on my lower back. Yikes! (Not only that, but
hell, look at what 40+ years did to me - I think I was about 24-25 in that picture up top).

But a couple of bright spots occurred along the way. My dear old Father-In-Law took me on a cruise to Cuba and Cozumel, Mexico! What an AWESOME trip that was! I had the neck surgery before we went in November of 2017. It was a damn good thing I did too! When I got back, I had the surgery on my back in December 2017.

Here are a few clips from Cuba:
(I would not recommend trying to view these directly on my site. Right-Click and do a Save to download and then watch. I host my own site from my house so we have a crappy upload speed so trying to stream video is useless, much like AT&T!)

VID_20171106_110233 VID_20171106_115718 VID_20171106_122838 VID_20171106_125127html video by VideoLightBox.com v3.1

The summer of 2018 was pretty good. My buddy Jonas and I got several thousand miles in on the motorcycles.

And then a very strange thing occurred. On a trip to the Ford dealer to have my daughter's car repaired, I happenned to spot the 2012 Shelby GT500 on the lot. 30 minutes later, I was the new owner. This car, as configured from the factory, is one of a very small number of American vehicles rated at 190 Mph+ stock! This thing will SCARE you!!

And just to celebrate, I decided to trade in the Yamaha FZ-10 for something I could do some touring on. The 2018 Yamaha FJR1300A. I LOVE YAMAHA! The factory made a special deal for me so that my local dealer could get the sale in for 2018 and I could get the bike I always dreamed of owning!

By the way, I was at the International Motorcycle show 2-17-19 and saw an amazing
looking bike. Go check out: www.confederate.com and you will see their lineup!

And in October of 2018, my wife Lori and her Dad went to Egypt and Kenya for a 3 week vacation. How about this view of the Nile River:

Luckily I didn't lose any of my friends in 2018. I pray for the same luck in 2019.

I will be adding some more pictures as I get time.

Special Note

There come times in life, when you can no longer look back. The only option is to shed what no longer works and embrace the day and move on.

And so I have bequeathed my dear old Ibanez 5-String Bass to my oldest daughter's boyfriend. I can't even hold the guitar to play it anymore as it causes too much pain in my neck and hands. I had always hoped that one day I might be able to actually play something and really know what I was doing. Sadly, that is NOT a possibility. But you know, I don't miss it a bit. I have the most important things to focus on now; my Wife, my Daughters, and most of all my faith! I have much to be thankful for.

Despite my best efforts to derail myself, God has time and time again, rescued me,

As an adopted child, I hit the Lotto when it comes to parents. My mom and dad were the best anyone could ever ask for. I owe them everything for the opportunities they provided for me. I miss them so much, but not a day goes by, that I don't think of them, and thank them and the Lord, for getting me through this life.


Go Cubs Go!

- Garry F.

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