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Website News

Exactly one year ago, I sat here and updated my website with news of the passing of
a very dear friend.

And today I have to repeat the process as I have lost another long time friend.

May 5th, 2017 marks the passing of George Mendelke. I met George in 1996, when I
joined Tenneco Packaging Corporation. George was a Senior Telecommunications expert. He and I were assigned to a special project in 1998 as part of a huge new datacenter rollout and corporate headquarters relocation from Evanston, Illinois to Chicago's northwest suburbs.

With Chicago's O'Hare Airport as our hub, we traveled all over the U.S., to L.A. and San Francisco, to Boston and New York City, from the Grand Canyon to Washington D.C. and everywhere in between. We logged 50,000 flight miles that year. We climbed the stairs of the Statue of Liberty and passed the World Trade Center, 3 years before our country witnessed the tragedy that would ensue.

I had my camcorder with us on many trips. I was able to get a clip of George looking as the man I met 21 years ago. We were in Boston walking down to the famous Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall

George taught me so much! Not only that, were it not for him, I would have never had
the opportunity to have done that special project we completed. I saw places that were
once in a lifetime visits. We worked hard and played hard. I grieve so badly at this loss, yet I am comforted by the joy to have had the honor and tremendous good fortune of his friendship.

I love you George, and will miss you! You and your family are in my prayers.

Special Notes

Words I live by: Life is a journey, so ENJOY the ride!

And so, during the epic 2016 Chicago Cubs vs. L.A. Dodgers playoffs last fall, I decided the ride needed a couple of improvements. Meet my new buddies:

That is a 2017 Yamaha FZ-10. 168 Horsepower stock. But wait, what do
I see down below?

That would be my Yamadog on the lift getting upgraded with an Akrapovic
Full Racing exhaust system and a new DynoJet Power Commander V Computer
controlled Fuel-Injection tweaker. She lost 18 pounds and gained 7 Horesepower.

And what would a Cubs World Series victory celebration be without a Cubbie Blue
2017 Mustang GT 5.0?
(That would be 432 horsepower and a 6-speed manual!)

Go Cubs Go!

- Garry F.

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