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It is with Great sadness that I announce the passing of a dear friend, one who
had a strong positive influence in my life. On Friday May 6th, 2016 my friend
Thomas Dickinson departed from this earth. Below is a picture of Tom, how he
looked when I first met him in 1973. We woud become the permanent team for
the southside office of Florida Ambulance Service in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Emergency Medical Services was my first career path. Tom was already working at
Florida Ambulance Service in 1973, and I answered an ad in the St. Petersburg Times
newspaper to learn to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Once I completed the
Red Cross training and the required college class and passed the State Licensing Exam, Tom and I were assigned permanent partners.

Tom's positive influence on me has carried me throughout my life. It was also through Tom, that I was introduced to someone who would be another catalyst in my life when I decided to pursue my 2nd career as a working musician.

I love you Tom and will so deeply miss you. My heart, prayers and sympathies go out to Tom's family and especially to his wife Kim.

Gone but Never forgotten!


Website Notes

I will be expanding the various sections as I get time, so please be sure to check
everything out. Special Features is my latest where you can hear me play along
with the Dave Weckl Band. It is Waaaay Cool!

Please check out the Photo Album and Recipes too.

And remember: Life is a journey, so ENJOY the ride!

- Garry F.

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