Smiles Under Contruction 2

Website News

My website is undergoing some major changes these days.

I have always wanted to change the tools I was using to maintain the website, and that process has begun. The transition to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is in full swing now.

The new theme for my website is more focused now as well. If I think about the number one constant in my life from when I was old enough to understand things, until now, it has ALWAYS been music.

Now that I can no longer work, I have to do something to keep my mind exercised, since that's about the only thing left of my body that CAN exercise! Music is that tool.

I have some new tools beyond Dreamweaver too. Picture galleries and more sophisticated menu tools will arrive sometime soon. I can't spend very long at one duration on the computer, so probably by the time die,
I might get this finished. Ha!

I will be expanding the various sections as I get time. so please be sure to check everything out. Special Features is my latest where you can hear me play along with the Dave Weckl Band. It is Waaaay Cool!

I hope you like the new format of the site.

Please Check out the Photo Album additions and recipes too.

And remember: Life is a journey, so ENJOY the ride!

- Garry F.

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